Show #9 Julia see’s dead people!

RPC - Random Podcast Canada

Mike and the Random Crew spend an hour with Julia.  She can read your mind, see dead people, and has an amazingly sexy voice.  Mike puts on the clinic as an interviewer.  Hear him break the ice with such classics as “Do you own stilleto’s, a spandex suit and a whip?”, “What is your favourite Cypress Hill track?”,  and of course the ever classic “If you see dead people all the time, does that mean you have sex in front of large groups of dead people?”.   Good times ensue as Julia  shares her story!

Show #8 9/11, Grandpa and Jessie Ventura

Our fearless hosts, with special guests Rob and Colin, continue to dig into the world of 9/11 conspiracy  theories, the enigma that is Jessie Ventura and we find out what Colin really thinks about The Random Podcast.