RPC Season 2, Episode 1.5 ish

Mike, Vanessa and Kevin are back! Kevin goes on a humanitarian aid mission to dehydrated Americans, Vanessa wants to go to burning man, and shares her “first” pole dancing experience. Mike climbs a mountain twice in one day and meets many women while doing so! All this and much, much more on this weeks episode of Random Podcast Canada!!

Random Podcast Canada is blowing up!

Hey cool kids!

With zero drama here at R.P.C..  we keep coming up with goofy ass shit, like every single week!

For reasons we can’t explain, our ratings are exploding.  Though we do no promotion aside from the occasional facebook publicity stunt like our live appearance at the Hwy 89 outlet mall (that was really Mike shopping at Eddie Bauer while Steve and Kevin made fun of him for shopping in the “old guy” store).  Or our epic outdoor event at the Edith Street park where several hundred listeners gathered for a peak out our fearless hosts in action (which was really Mike, Kevin and Dave drinking and smoking cigars on Kevin’s back deck).

We can only thank our awesome listeners for sharing, voting and presumably laughing at our occasional drunkeness as we bring you the latest in all that we find interesting from headlines, tv, movies and music.

Do you have any thoughts, requests or ideas for our show?  Email Mike direct at mojomagnum@hotmail.com  He promises a swift and friendly (and possibly sarcastic) response.

Thanks again!

From Mike, Kevin and Vanessa (and Collin, Julia, Steve, Val and Candice too 😉


It seems the auto update on the podcast plugin failed and caused the site not to behave properly.  Took a bit of nudging and kicking but we are back up.  Sorry for the interruption.  Now back to listening to the shows.